rsyslog packages on OBS

For some time, there has been a new repository for rsyslog and associated programs on OBS. One reason is that maintaining the current packages on rsyslog is a timeconsuming process. This can be done faster using OBS.

OBS also gives us the opportunity to support more operating systems. Especially those unsopported by the current packages, for  In the future, we plan on adding more to the currently available ones, in order to offer packages for as many systems as possible, especially smaller ones.

Currently the packages on OBS are experimental. We assume they work correctly. To verify this, we need people to test them. Any feedback from users would be appreciated.

Right now most of the packages available on the rsyslog site are also available on OBS, with some like omkafka being only on the rsyslog site and some others, like omhttp, only on OBS. Our long-term goal is to use only OBS for all packages. To do this, we would add more packages to the repository.

However, we lack experience with OBS. Due to this, we would be happy about everybody willing to help on this project.