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rewriting mmanon: an update

I have completed the rewrite of the IPv4-function of the mmanon module.
I have managed to keep the original parameters available, although the “rewrite” option is now called “zero”. This is not going to be a problem causing older, already running, configurations to no longer work, as the old parameter-names still work. However, having the “ipv4.” prefix attached to configuration regarding IPv4-anonymization is going to improve clarity, as the IPv6 feature follows.

But whats new? I have added the options to randomize bits in an IP-address as a form of anonymization. Also it is now possible to anonymize IP-addresses as random, while still having one IP-address always anonymized as the same alias (generated randomly).

Now I plan on implementing an IPv6-functionality for the mmanon module with similar parameter as the IPv4 one. After that I might add other functions, like the ability to configure other separators for IP-addresses like ‘-‘ or an option to reverse the direction of anonymization.

rewriting mmanon: an update
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