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Mmanon rewrite finished for the time being

I have recently finished the rewrite of the mmanon module. Now I have also finished implementing support for IPv6. This includes the same parameters as IPv4, but the mode parameter is now called anonmode, to make a later implementation of different output format modes for ipv6 easier. This might be in the future, but it would be possible to add another parameter. It could be named outputmode and would set the format of IPv6 output format. One thing that could be configured would be if abbreviations (::) should be used.

Also, IPv6 does not support anonymization in simple mode because of the different formats possible. It is now also possible to only anonymize IPv4 or IPv6 by using the new “enable” parameters. These have been added because mmanon now does not only work for IPv4.

Right now,  I consider the rewrite and the implementation of IPv6 finished until there is more feedback from users. It would also be great if people could test the changes once they are merged and post their feedback.

I will now work on an offline tool for log anonymization.

Mmanon rewrite finished for the time being

One thought on “Mmanon rewrite finished for the time being

  1. Thanks for the work on mmanon! I hope that many folks will give the new version a try and report their findings and further suggestions. I think the new functionality is very useful. But I also have lots of enhancement ideas on my mind as well. But let's first get the new code a praxis drill.

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