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new packages available at obs

Currently we are working on new rsyslog packages using the SUSE OBS tool. While this is still experimental, we have now published the first batch of packages. You can find them here.

We have decided to first focus on Debian, since there are no other rsyslog official packages for this distribution. However, these are still in the testing phase and we can not guarantee everything is working perfectly. The available Debian packages are similar to the currently existing ones for Ubuntu and are available in roughly the same scope of modules.

In obs, there are also some packages for other distributions, such as CentOS. These are also experimental and considered a lower priority than Debian, so they will probably have some problems.

If you try out these new packages, we would be glad to hear your feedback. It would also be great if you tell us which packages we should focus on next. Please do this by commenting on this github issue.

new packages available at obs
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